Logistics Consulting

Tailored Solutions

WCBM offers a complimentary Logistics Consulting service that is designed to identify the optimal logistics solution for your cargo.

Our experienced consultants will meet you to understand your specific priorities and concerns regarding your cargo as well as any existing transportation arrangements.

Following that initial meeting, our team will conduct a desktop review of the various air and sea routes available to determine the best available transportation solution, accounting for cost, risk of delays, deadlines, and any other concerns you may have. This will likely also include discussions with our overseas partner agents regarding any issues they foresee due to local conditions and regulations. We will guide you through our proposed solution so that you can fully understand what options have been chosen and why, as well as the risks that we have considered and mitigated.

Please contact us on +613 8340 6600 or fill in the online form for more information regarding this service and to arrange an initial consultation.